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Adult Lessons & Groups

Adult classes are co-ed and designed to engage players of all levels. Coaches are certified by USPTA, PTR or similar international standards to ensure proper training.

Weekend Clinics coming!

Class Descriptions:

These beginner classes are for adults who may be picking up a racket for the first or never played before. Coaches teach the basics while playing games to match the skill level.


Ideal group for anyone who already understands the basics looking to have fun and meet new people.

(USTA Level Equivalent of 2.5-3.5): You currently play and can sustain medium pace rallies



This class is focused on getting you moving and having fun. These classes will have your heart rate pumping and 

Focus is not technical.

Some experience needed.


This is a more advanced class for players who are looking to get a great workout while playing competitive point play games.


Wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes or similar.

Bring your own racquet, water bottle and hand towel.

Coaches will supply balls

These are professional coaches who will be able to guide the session to match any level of skill or fitness.

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There is a tennis equipment shortage, so we have decided to give back to the tennis community by giving away 100 #tennis🎾 ball cans around NYC .

DM us for location pick up at a store or park near you.

Must be following @tennispassport
Limit 1 (can) Per Person

2020 has been a year of new norms. We ask that you bring LOVE ❤️ and positive energy to the tennis courts.
Permit Free 2020

#tennisfashion #tennislife #nyctennis #tenniscourt

Find your form, post quarantine. Courts are open in the city and no permits needed. Let’s PLAY!

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Never loved seeing a net so much before. NYC enters phase 3 and @nycparks will be putting nets up around the city. LET’S PLAY 🎾

#tennis #tennisnyc #nycparks #tennislife

Waiting for @nycparks to open up the courts to the community. 🎾 Can we Play & NO PERMITS 2020
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⬅️ 78 Feet ➡️

So Donald made Juneteenth popular huh 🤔 Nobody knew about it. ...

Patiently waiting for courts around the city to re-Open.
Tag @ your tennis partner for a free can of 🎾 balls
Thank You first responders. #socialdistancing #tennisnyc

Queens is one of the most diverse boroughs in 🗽 NYC.

This is so visible on the courts of Cunningham Park. Anytime of day you can find some action on these courts. Ok maybe not when it’s 90+degrees. Nestled on the Union Turnpike parking lots, Men, Women, Children bridging many generations of tennis players.
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