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About Us

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Our Story

Tennis PASSPORT first launched in 2010 as a DIY website for a group of professional coaches to aggregate their services into a single online signup platform. It was obvious that Coaches wanted to be on court and not spending their time marketing. The response was amazing with the site rising to #1 position on Google search for tennis in the New York area.

In 2022 it was time to expand the platform and bring aboard an even larger roster of Coaches, Hitters and community groups.

We wanted to create a digital portal for tennis and racket sports experiences, while creating seamless online access to participate.

Our Mission

We are of the humble opinion that tennis should be a sport for everyone. From Harlem to the Bed-Suy, the city is filled with public tennis courts and we are on a mission to fill each and every last one with people having fun. 

We created this online portal for tennis and racket sports experiences with the hopes of raising the next local tennis hero. Let’s go! Let’s play.

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