A young girl in a white tank top and white shorts takes a one-handed forehand swing with a tennis racquet at a lofted tennis ball on an outdoor tennis court.

Junior Tennis

Tennis is building the next generation of adults. Our programs were  created to give every child interested in tennis a pathway to succeed — on the court and in life.

Stage of development. Maturity level. Athletic development. Repetition and practice. Tournaments. Our tennis pathwa  for juniors.

Sessions run throughout the year at various locatioins. Fall season starts in Septemebr and Winter in January  Spring in March/April, Summer in May/June and Fall starts in August/September. Check with locations for specific dates and times.

10 & Under  Levels of Progression

Illustration of a red tennis ball

Red Ball

Ideal For ages 4 to 7, children learn the basic elements of tennis through partner-based activities to develop hand/eye coordination and motor skills. Red balls bounce low and slow, so they’re easier for smaller kids to hit.

Illustration of an orange tennis ball

Orange Ball

For 7-to 10-year-olds starting to refine their technical mechanics, children focus on racquet-head speed, serve and return and transition to net. Basic strategies and tactics for singles and doubles are introduced.

Illustration of a green tennis ball

Green Ball

For 8- to 10-year-old kids who are able to maintain a consistent rally on a full court, players will continue to refine the technical, tactical and physical foundation established in earlier stages.

Player Progressive Training (Yellow Ball)


For ages 12 to 18, players in the initial levels of Development will work on refining their stroke mechanics. As players advance, a larger array of shots and techniques will be addressed, with a particular focus on match play strategies. Placement in these classes may not be confirmed before an on court evaluation. 

A girl with long blond hair wearing a white t shirt stands on an outdoor tennis court and smiles.
Tennis professional offering instruction to a student on tennis court.


Juniors competing at high school, district and/or sectional levels will sharpen their strategic advantages through drills, competitive match play and intense physical training. Identifying and developing a style of play and understanding match flow are reinforced through situational drills. Active tournament play is required.

Private Lessons

For more personalized instruction focus on a particular stroke or work on footwork, you can always schedule a private, semi-private or private group lesson for your child with one of our tennis pros.

Private tennis lessons

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