• Kids Training

    Aimed at children aged 6 to 8 years old across all levels, these children’s classes are specially designed a young child’s skill-level in mind

    These sessions which are physical shorter therefore less demanding, take place on smaller-sized courts and softer balls are offered as an option. All of this keeping a lighted-hearted atmosphere focusing on having fun with tennis and nurturing a love for the game.


    • Reserved for children from 6 to 8 years old Light physical training sessions
    • Smaller court size Lower net height
    • Softer balls
    • Coaching approach is adapted appropriately in a fun manner
  • Juniors Training

    Focusing on competition and performance, junior workshops are suitable for students aged 8 to 18, of all levels who wish to move onto the next level in their tennis game.
    In an intense environment, they will put themselves in the shoes of a great tennis players.


    • Suitable for children 8 to 18 years professional physical training
    • Videoed session followed by tactical analysis
    • Players train on a full size court
    • Net is at standard height
    • Standard balls are used
    • All of the coaches work is focused on competition and performance
  • Adults Training

    For the players over 18 years old, all levels.

    All the players participating at our training sessions are taught according to age and level. Innovative technique based on effectiveness and performance.

  • Training-Study Program

    Aimed at secondary school students aged 10 to 18 wishing to combine round sports excellence and academic success all year round.

    The young students are placed in ideal conditions which are necessary for them to reach their goals. They are immersed in an environment at the highest level, mixing with emerging sportspeople on the circuit, all of this while being supervised by teaching professionals.


    • 32 players selected on sporting and academic criteria
    • Courses given in English and French by EMT/FMT teachers
    • Validation of each school year
    • A tailor-made training program in groups according to level
    • 2h of tennis & 1h30 of physical training per day
    • Support during tournaments


The philosophy of PERFORM + Tennis is unique: associated with tailor-made service and excellence.

Based on a method developed by professional coaches and experts in different areas, it offers players of all ages and skill-levels the possibility to participate in high-quality training sessions which will help players reach their potential.

Each student will have a tailored regiment to satisfy their specific needs. Identifying each players individual demands and structuring it in a group setting helps the player make great use of their training hours

An individual session is recommended so that the trainee can be measured more precisely and critically.

Supervised by a team of experts and advanced technology, the player benefits from these exceptional conditions to grow and achieve their objectives.

Our programs offers a genuine experience at the highest level: physically, mentally and skillfully in tennis terms, ... and allows the player to improve and grow as a player. More than a tennis clinic, it is a place of excellence and commitment.

Our commitments


  • By participating, your child will get a full evaluation of his game
  • Technique, tactical, physical and mental: every side of his game are going to be checked
  • His / Her result will be compared to those of the best players

The PERFORM+ Method

The serve

  • In the modern game, this weapon is mandatory
  • It helps both to get free points and to take the edge in the point
  • We'll analyse its efficiency and will work with you in order to make it stronger